Money Secrets to Wealth is a proven Formula to develop both Wealth and Happiness in your live and the lives of the people you love the most

(It expands your Self Esteem and your Lifestyle Big Time!)

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A paragraph of the book:

In general one takes longer to plan their summer holidays then their finances. Because of this, problems emerge and when money begins to worry us, we stop to believe that we know how to control our finances. As primary reason for a bad financial state one often “righteously” refers to:  I have a lot of stress, I have no time, I’m not in the mood, I’ll do it later etc. People are too easy when it comes to finances.

We just have the wrong set of priorities. A lot of people will only work on their financial state when everything else is more controlled or when they are not so busy anymore, they are just postponing,  when people postpone it will never get done. When finally there financial state is in balance, people will just want to spend their time doing “fun stuff”. They will try to speed up the pace to reach this goal and have more “fun stuff” to do.

The solution isn’t found in the pace but in taking the right decisions. Every wrong decision is one step back from your goals. If you do this with an even faster pace you’ll get completely lost.


“When self-esteem stops, so does your income.”


What people are saying:


*Very good, easy to read and I can recommend it to everybody. I know I personally have to start with action urgently.
I hope after my ‘break through’ yesterday I do so with a lot of success. So to everybody who will read this: Buy the book! Think, Act and Become like the Rich!
~ Natalie van Staten ~
I’m reading the book for the second time now. I’m making notes of the things that are the most important for me at the moment. The book keeps on intriguing if you’re reading. I want to know everything about it. Good tips to start saving money and good reasons to change the way you think about money. Thank you very much for sharing your mission with all of us. That is a good initiative and a nice gesture. Mainly because everybody can profit of it. ~ Diana van Heek ~
Like Arthur is his first book. Dynamic, purposeful, and clearly he knows what he is called upon to do. By sharing his 18 money secrets, he shows us in an infectious, positive and clarifying way how to become financial free. After reading his book you will become more curious how things work if you put his 18 money secrets into practice, just like me. Have fun reading the book and good luck in putting things in practice.
~ Petra Dijkstra ~


Discover How to handle money the right way and get the life you deserve!

Brought to you by Arthur Brekelmans, Founder/Owner/Trainer/Success-Money coach.

What are the odds of success or getting rich? 100% ! One hundred percent!
The odds of winning a black belt in Taekwondo are also about 100%. If you buy the uniform, take lessons, show up every week and actually do what they tell you to do. You actually learn the stuff and give it your best, eventually you'll get a  black belt in Taekwondo.

This has nothing to do with luck. It's a predictable outcome from:
1. Following the steps, learn and stuck to it and
2. Not quitting!

This is pretty much the same thing in any part of life. Especially if you're open for anything that will happen in your life. Money, relations, success.
1. Follow the steps
2. Don't quit.

The problem is in the original question. What are the 'odds' of success? It's not about the 'odds'. When I started my carrier, I was committed to getting rich. Period. I was 23 years old at that time. This was a promise to myself, my girlfriend (now my wife), my family, friends and colleagues. I made that open promise so I have to deliver it to all. Did I stick to it? Of course I had too. I would make a fool out of myself if I didn't succeed. So I did. Period.
At that moment I made this commitment and decided to NEVER QUIT. NEVER!

The question always is: Will you follow the steps and get what you came for?

It's common human nature to quit before getting the rewards:
MOST people get married and divorced.
MOST people start college and drop out.
MOST people start medical school and quit.

It's common human nature to quit before getting the rewards. Staying OUT of that group is just a decision. It's got nothing to do with the 'odds'.

Why will I be a success in life? Have the lifestyle to do whatever I want?
Because I DECIDED to. I followed up on that decision with CONSISTENT ACTION, and I wouldn't quit until I achieved it.

Don't be a Quitter.

Don't want to wait? It's only € 27 ($ 37)

Read it, put your knowledge into action and get Wealthy and Happy.


You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose!

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Reading my book you'll get the answers for instance to the questions asked below...

Question #1:


Money Secret 11, How do I decrease my debts?


What most bankers know, but won't tell you. This is mind-blowing and easy to practice in real life. When you read it, see it and do it, your debts melt in front of your eyes as snow melts for the warm sun and in the same time you will save up money. So in the End you have Zero debt and green money in your bank account.

Question #2:


Money Secret 5, How do I lose the fear of Financial Problems?

Overcoming fear is a wish many people have. In this book you will learn how to do it. What to do and how you can overcome it. So it will never ever block you again. Moneywise and life wise. Surely rich people have fears and problems. But they won't let it "stop" them.


Question #3:


Money Secret 9, How am I going to spend less money?

Money alone will not make you rich. Skills tought in life make you rich. You need to simplify your life, temporarily, after that time your life will be easy for the rest of your life. That is what you learn in this chapter.


Inside this e-Book you'll discover...

  • The Secrets of real and permanent success. You will gain a big bank account. But only if you put your knowledge into action.
  • Discover Wealth Lessons in this book, the 'Dutch' way.
  • How to use the speed saving turbo style.
  • How to triple your savings by cutting only 10% in costs.
  • How to learn to love and enjoy money
  • How to manage your feelings about money. Good and bad feelings around it.

Are you already convinced?

It's only € 27 ($ 37)

About the Author


In my journey of the past 22 year in business I realised a few very important things. Not money nor success were the best things ever, but to enjoy the journey towards them. This was the most important key. You want to blend money with meaning, profit  with purpose. Money comes to those who treats it kindly and manage it wisely.


Thank goodness, along with the lessons I learned in my business, I learned some essential life lessons too. To me and to my wife, these are the most important messages I share on stage and in the books I wrote. What is unfortunate however, is that even though most people want to be happy, have more fun, laugh more, love more and enjoy their lives more, it’s difficult to concentrate on these things when you’re struggling financially. During the most difficult time of our lives, just after losing our twins Milan & Timo we were “glad” to go to the shop and waist money like it was water. At that time it felt really good and gave us pleasure. Some pleasure that we needed the most in those days you can imagine.

Scarcity blocks your thinking as fear does too. It stops you thinking the right way, that’s why I wrote this book. Money problems can take the lustre out of life. I’m not saying money is everything, but it sure helps a lot. The people I helped in my financial business over the last 22 years are a proof of that.



Money isn’t everything, unless you don’t have any, then it seems to become everything.

In our society, money is an important tool. Money is like 'lubricant', going through life without it is very, very, rough. You can break down easily, without this ‘lubricant’. Let it stick to you in the right way. Start today and buy the book you haven’t got yet.

Surely I know that money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can buy time& freedom. Freedom of choice, to be able to do what you enjoy doing and not be forced to do things just because you need ‘the money’. Time with your loved ones, friends, kids, parents.

I have given advise to over 10 thousands of people, kind and talented people, unable to share their unique gifts and talents to the max, because they’re simply too busy trying to survive. They work long and hard but never get ahead financially. If your plan is to work hard you can be easily get rich anyway. The sooner the better in my opinion.

 The best advice I ever heard about money was only three words: get it managed! Instead of working for money, money has to work for you. And that’s what my book 18 Money Secrets to Wealth is all about.




Over 15 millions euro’s  (20.8 million dollars) have travelled through my hands in business.

Over 11,500 money advises and financial deals I gave over the last 22 years. Is there a possibility that I know what I am talking about?? Do you?

Thank you!

Please learn from them who have created your dreams already. The price of this book is a no brainer anyway but can you imagine the worth of this book when it's yours? The secrets you will discover? They open a brand new world where every dream is possible to achieve.  Including yours!

It is a proven system that works for me, and can work for you, If you work it.  Get the knowledge, implement the secrets into your daily life and in just a few years you will never have to worry about money again. Freedom is yours!


It’s been an Pleasure to ‘speak’ to you this way, and I hope I can continue to be of any support in future.

Stay Awesome!


Arthur Ch.M. C. Brekelmans

With both my heart and soul I'm convinced this book will give you more financial freedom than you ever experienced in your whole life. Put them into practice and make it your new habit to take action in whatever you do. They offer you a fine perspective for your future. If it comes to serious money business, always request assistance of a reliable adviser. An adviser who has experience and is associated with the AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets). He or she meets the requirements the government demands of him or her. I'm associated with the AFM, my registry number is 12004416.


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This E-book is totally risk free to try. Nothing to lose, but so much to gain. I'm ready to proof everything I claim. Download the book and see it for yourself within the next 30 days. If the book doesn't live up to the claims stated here, I don't want your money and I'll give every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

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You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose!

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF file of my book.
If you don't have this installed on your computer, then you can download it for free, from the Adobe website.

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